While every association and chamber that I’ve ever worked with will claim the following is true – we are understaffed and underpaid – each of you has an incredible advantage when it comes online marketing of your organization. That advantage is your blog on your association website. Being the central entity to your community or industry makes your website prime to be the go-to place for learning, research, and knowledge.

Blogging Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits you can get from maintaining a well-groomed blog on your association website:

Relevant Content
Google LOVES relevant and fresh content.  If you and your staff are able to keep a blog up-to-date with insightful content on your industry, then you’ll stay in their good graces. There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t have depths beyond what the general public is aware of and those are stories that should be told. The search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of continually building new content on your website add more domain value to you and therefore drives more value to your members and industry.

Member Perks
Most membership-based organizations don’t include blogging opportunities as part of your member dues benefits package.  If you provide members this chance, you allow a wonderful forum to be seen as a thought leader within the industry.  They can provide a unique view of topics that might generate conversation (on your platform) or help innovate new ideas.

Additionally, by being having members, they can assist you with an infinite number of ideas for blog posts based on their accomplishments, failures or ideas.  By using your members, you also highlight them within the post which provides you an opportunity to track a referral towards their membership dues.

Non-Dues Revenue
Using your website as a new opportunity for non-dues revenue is still being found today.  If you’re not bundling blog content into membership packages, then you can take advantage of killing two birds  with one stone.  Generating sponsored (or native advertising) packages will allow you to make money by having someone else produce content for your website.  Good luck finding a better idea than this!

Membership Return On Investment (ROI)
Your members are always on the look out for ROI for their membership dollars.  If you take advantage of allowing your members the perk (via paid or as part of membership), then you’ll want to make sure you’re setup to track and present the added exposure the blog content produces.

Need Help?

Creating a blog, engaging members to participate, finding ideas for blog content or measuring the ROI on your blog for your members can all be difficult tasks. If you need assistance with any of these activities, please reach out to 20 Associations for help today.

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